Downloading issues

Hi, I have just downloaded Apex Dc 1.6.5 and I have issues downloading files. Anything I try is either timing out or showing 0 segments. I have set everything up and shared 270 GB but nothing is downloading and i cannot see anyone taking files from me either. Could I get some support on this, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...Thank you!


  • Either your connection settings are incorrect (i.e. you are set as active without forwarding your ports, or the automatic forwarding fails), the easy way to know whether this is the case is to set yourself to passive mode and attempt to download from a user that is in active mode (i.e. a user with an icon without the fire/brickwall).

    If transfers in passive mode are also not working then it is likely the hub you are connected to is blocking the downloads (hubs may have requirements for downloads being enabled, such as being a registered user or something like that but these all depend on each hub individually).

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