Network Drives

I can't seem to get ApexDC++ to see mapped network drives. Anyone know why?

Even when manually adding directories to the DCPlusPlus.xml file, it isn't working. It removes them from the xml file when the app starts up.

Is there a registry key with drive mapping that I haven't found that would help?


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    I've figured it out. Let's say you have a mapped drive X:\ but your application, can't see it.

    Click start and type CMD for a command prompt. But right-click and use Run As Administrator.

    For our example, type "net use x: \server_name\drive_share" and hit enter. Windows might ask if you want to rewrite the current drive mapping, just hit yes. It doesn't ask for a new username and password.

    Then ApexDC++, Winamp and quite a few other apps with this problem will see the mapped drives properly.

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