Allow user to define maximum upload slots per IP

Allow ApexDC user to define maximum upload slots per IP.
When i am connected to numerous hubs and someone start downloading files from me, he has different usernames per each hub and his downloads eats all upload slots giving no space for others. I would like to give let's say 2 uploads slots per IP.


  • Limiting uploads per IP is not intelligent enough, you can have multiple different users behind the same public IP address. Having said that accounting for matching port would address this, however, this problem already has a perfectly fine solution out there it is called the ADC protocol (it has much better user id scheme, among other benefits).

    So I can't say I am too motivated to implement this feature when personally I would rather see hubs use the better protocol (also, what if the same user has multiple IP's... that would also prevent a feature relying on network addresses from identifying "clones" correctly).

  • User having multiple IPs and multiple users using single IP is a weak excuse to not have feature like that.
    Why? Because it is not likely to face such leecher with multiple IPs or multiple ones with same IP, or it will be too rare that you can ignore it. But i understand your point of view.

    For example right now 2 peers are using 10 of my upload slots due to the fact i am connected to several common hubs like these 2 peers. I could upload to another 8 people, but these are idle (and possibly annoyed, better to see some progress than being idle/queued).

    Either if ADC allows me to set 1 slot per IP (or per IP:port compbination) and or less ideally limit the upload speed per user (i know they can have multiple usernames but i think most using common username) or per IP.

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