"Please enter a password"

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Windows 10 user with ApexDC 1.6.4 64bit

The password prompt window "Please enter a password" does NOT appear when i connect all the Favorite hubs, but when i check the app after maybe a few hours it is there, several times. And when i click OK or cancel or enter some password, it then pop up again after some time.

When i check my Favorite hubs list, i see that all listed hubs has username and password defined.
Does it happen because some hub address is redirected to different address and so new address does not use initial/source hub login credentials?

How can i fix it, discover which hub does this? I already attempted to enable logging, check log, check hub status messages, but can not discover one/s that are causing this prompt.


  • You are on the right track, what you need to do is disconnect from every hub then go through your favorite hubs one by one to find out which hub is not accepting your login and why.

    Also, you are correct if a hub redirects to a different address the login information is not used on that address for reasons that should hopefully be self explanatory.

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