Incompatibility with ncdc client due to implementation of ADCGet?

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I got the following error in the ncdc client when an ApexDC++ 1.6.5 client connects to me trying to download (which fails):

message CC:redacted_ipaddress:redacted_port: Does not support ADCGet.

The source snippet corresponding to this error is there.

I had a look at the ApexDC++ source code, but didn't really see or understood much.
My understanding right now is that either ApexDC++ is sending a differently implemented request format. The ADCGet support seems to be implemented (obviously), it's just that ncdc doesn't see this string (ADCGet) in the request somehow.

I'm just a clueless user, sorry. I couldn't test the ApexDC++ client because I don't use Windows, only Linux.
Side question: is there an version controlled repository of the source code? That would make it easier to spot differences between versions.

Someone pointed out to me that this problematic client could be a fake ApexDC++ client (with a fake tag), thus making this report totally bogus if that turned out to be the case. It could actually be an eiskalt client in disguise or another older client.


  • After a bit more investigation, it turns out the problematic client was indeed not "advertising" its actual DC client. So this bug report is not viable.
    Sorry about the noise!

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