Weird connection with LUADCH via TLS 1.2 w. k.print

Latest ApexDC++ 1.6.5

When connecting to LUADCH via secure tls 1.2 with keyprint no ops, owners and bots are loaded.
Just reg users show up.
Even as OP im unable to use Opchat - it doesnt show! Doesnt popup messages ets. :cry:


  • Update - this has nothing to do with connection or protocol used. Its due to specific chars used in user/botnames.
    For example decimal: 😸 hex: 😸 there is more.
    Definitely something to look into. Right now using this chars in nicknames makes user completely invisible in hubs userlist for example. Apex DC, Flylink DC and Eiskalt were tested and all have this issue.
    Dc++ and AirDC handle that just fine.

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