Guide: Upgrading ApexDC to a newer version

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How to upgrade ApexDC++ without losing data

Many of you might have experienced problems when upgrading ApexDC++, and this guide is written to eliminate those. These problems include wiping your download queue, settings, favourites, etc. In order to avoid this, please use the following steps.

Using the setup file

  1. Download the latest setup file
  2. Close ApexDC++
  3. Make sure you don't change the value of "Store settings separately for each Windows user account" set to what you installed with. If you left it default, keep it the same.
  4. Run setup, and install ApexDC++ into the same Program Files directory as previously, if asked. The setup file will check whether you already have the client installed, and only install the necessary parts to upgrade
  5. Run ApexDC++ - you'll be running the latest version

Using the binary or "Slim" distribution (compressed 7-Zip archive)

  1. Download the binary file
  2. Close ApexDC++
  3. Extract ApexDC.exe and ApexDC.pdb (or ApexDC-x64.exe and ApexDC-x64.pdb for 64-bit Windows) to directory and overwrite when asked
  4. Start ApexDC++

Windows XP compatible binaries (obsolete)

If you still need a binary that will run on some very old processors and versions of windows, you can for the time being find a discreet link to a such binary distribution on the download page. You will need to follow the second part of the above guide to install and upgrade your version.

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