Binance customer service\1 [(888-214-54"72]US tollfree number helpdesk

Live chat lets you talk to a real Binance representative through a chat room. This is a great channel if you need to directly ask someone about your issue. You may need to wait for your turn before you can do a live chat, especially on busier hours.

You can access the live chat from the Binance app or the Binance Help Center website. On the Binance app, you can find it in the Help Center option, either on the login screen or on the dashboard menu.

From the Binance Help Center website or Binance app, you can also submit a ticket to report your concern. When submitting a ticket, you will be asked for your email address, Binance-registered full name and mobile number, your concern category, details of your concern, and any screenshots/documents, if applicable.

For call support, you can call 2882 for free to reach a real Binance representative to address your concern. Much like initiating a live chat, you may need to wait for your turn before you can talk to Customer Support.

If you prefer sending an email, you can reach Binance Customer Support by emailing Make sure to include your Binance-registered full name and mobile number in the email, and properly explain the details of your concern. Attach any screenshots/documents, if applicable.

Binance has since disabled its customer support on Facebook Messenger to focus more on its dedicated help portals. Any account that contacts you posing as a Binance Customer Representative is not authorized by Binance. There’s also a big chance that they are scammers.

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